Is Chemo Enough?

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My dad is 55 y/o and was diagnosed with inoperable lung cancer about two weeks ago. It was diagnosed by a biopsy of a large growth in a lymph node in his neck. The doctors never said what stage it was in but based on my research, it is NSCSL stage 3B. While no time-line was given, they repeatedly told him that pallative care was all they could provide. He had his first dose of chemo the day after he was diagnosed but doesn't have another treatment for 3 weeks.

I don't feel that this treatment is aggressive enough to fight cancer at this advanced stage? I don't know what drugs he is taking.

My dad just got out of the hospital in April after a 3 month stay for viral encephilitis and septic shock (which the doctor said he wouldn't live through). He is more of a fighter than anyone thought and he believes he can beat his cancer. However, I think he needs more than just the chemo he is getting.

Can anyone tell me if this type of treatment can help?


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    If your father isn't 100 percent confident in his doctor then he should find another immediately..many many different treatments for way of knowing if this is the right one..that decision has to be made between him and doctor, that's why confidence in doctor is of the upmost importance..
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    I agree wholeheartedly with the other responder. Get a second opinion. Get answers to your questions and if you don't get them from one DR. ...get another doctor. I have been fighting lung cancer for 3 years now and have sought many opinions. Chemo spaced 3 weeks apart is standard for taxol & carboplatin, but there may be additional treatment options. Good luck.