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Ok - I know this might sound awful after all I have been through, but I think the straw on the camels back has been broken. My beautiful hair (strawberry blonde) is coming back in gray. I am 37 years old and pissed. I know I can buy stock in Loreal, but....... Why Gray? I don't think its fair ya know. Just another thing to add to the long list of Augh!!! Cammie


  • SweetSue
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    Hi Cammie,
    My niece, who is 43, had lymphoma...her hair is coming back gray,too. She's just laughing about, what else can we do at this point?
    Hang in there!!!!!!! Maybe it's platinum blond!!!
  • SweetSue
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    Cammie, I just talked to my niece whose hair is growing back gray. She said she loves's gray with streaks of black and brown...very different...she feels sophisticated.
  • ryley
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    My hair is just growing back (about a 1/2 inch long now) and was gray too. I used to have dark blonde. It's really ugly so I did something I've always wanted to do -- dyed it dark auburn. It looks great! Like a new me for my new post cancer (almost) life. People at work were shocked and I'm having lots of fun with it. I spiked it on top and got new Emo-type glasses. My kids almost didn't recognize me. I'm 44 and love my new look.

    We have to get our grins when we can, right?

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    My hair was dark brown with some tinges of gray. After chemo my hair came back fully in gray, silver and white. A few times I'll stare at myself in the mirror not recognizing the person there but I really don't mind it being the non-color it is. I get a lot of nice compliments as a matter of fact. It takes time to get used to but you'll have the option of coloring it. :)
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    Grey..and CURLy here! I was just so glad to have hair again that I didnt care if it were its almost blonde now-mostly from the pool/lake/and sun... but HEY its hair..
    much love
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    I know what you mean, it seems like when all the treatment is done you would get a break! I did have some gray but not the amount that came back in and it came in so thin, it has taken 2 full years for it to get thick. I guess we are luckier than the ones that the hair never came back. My oncologist ask me not to use over the counter color, has too much peroxide. I go to the health food store and get natural color that has a different chemical that is safer. Try that because your head is going to be sensitive when you use that or the stuff they have at salons. Do you have a Whole Foods Market where you live? That is where I get it, in a green and white box. Sorry I can't remember the name. Good Luck.
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    It's just one more indinity in a long line of indignities. I used to keep laughing and saying "What else could go wrong?" Now I don't ask that question anymore I just laugh. The answers I kept getting to that question were too hard to handle. I have some friends who have had and survived breast cancer many years ago and they tell me the indignities do stop and life returns to some degree of normalacy. We can only hope. Beth
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    I had dyed my hair red for so long that I knew it was going to come back gray. My husband told me I looked like Robert Blake ( pictures from prison)!!! I immediately bought Clairol Hydrience (gentle and great) deep red. Color will add body and coat the hair. It will feel and look more healthy. Why not be any color you want. Go wild! Everyone went crazy over my hair. I have to color it about every 3 weeks, but it's worth it. I'm 47, got my nose pierced at 45 as a resolution to what I thought was going to be my mid-life crisis. Who knew, cancer was down the road. And I finally was able to get 2 tattoos after one year of not being allowed due to treatment and radiation. I got the word "Rawhide" tattooed on my butt for my 47th birthday and got a tribal sacred heart on my leg with blue flames. Reclaim your body!!! My sister who also had cancer died her hair carrot orange. Her kids were embarassed to be seen with her, but she loved it. Have some fun. Stephanie