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Well the news of my friend was not good. Actually it is as bad as it gets. (For those who didn't read the first post - My friend Terry was diagnosed last July with adenosarcoma in her breast. Had mastectomy, radiation and reconstruction. New lump showed up in other breast came back positive for sarcoma just last week.) Well she had a CT and a PET Scan and they found it in the liver and the spine. She is going down to Houston where they are doing some trials with Sarcomas. Terri is holding onto a positive attitude, her husband is falling apart and her 16 year old son has that deer in the headlights look. I can't believe this is happening. My chest tightens and I get short of breath everytime I think about her hearing this news. I can only imagine it compared to getting my news of cancer in the breast. But this is even a more dire diagnosis. I am grieving already. I know when she comes back from Houston we will have some good times and I pray and hope for a cure but I am grieving for my healing friend. Beth