Lumpectomy went well.

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My surgery went well. I came home from hospital yesterday, still in pain. They said that my tumor was invasive, but they think they got good margins, my nodes came back negative to cancer, so that is good. They were able to put in the mammosite catheter for radiation, but I have to go have a CT scan today to make sure it is placed ok. Then as long as the margins come back good, I start radiation on Monday. It's all going so fast now. Don't know when I see Oncologist, don't know who it will be yet. Thanks for the support. Laura


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    I was glad to hear everthing went well for you. I will keep you in my prayers that the margins come back fine.Good luck with the radition.It's fantastic that the lypmh nodes are negative. Twinks56 Teresa
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    Laura, it's good to have the lumpectomy behind you. We're praying your margins come back ok and that the radiation will go smoothly. Good luck and keep us posted. Judy
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    It does seem to be going real fast. I am so glad your surgery went well. Negative Nodes YEA!!!! That means you caught it early. We will be thinking of you! Cammie
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    Laura, I was so glad to read your posting. Negative lymph is wonderful news. I will pray for negative margins as well. Good Luck and as others said keep us posted and visit often. We need your help as much as you need ours.. Beth
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    Laura: Great to hear the nodes are clean. That is very positive. Hopefully the margins you get back will be clean as well. Starting the radiation right away does seen to be moving a little fast. You should see an oncologist about what course of treatment they want you to go since you stated the tumor was invasive. My oncologist told me that makes a difference in what type of treatments you need. Your surgeon should be able to recommend someone.
    Hugs and prayers from me......
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    I too had breast cancer,this august will be 2 yrs clean. I was diagnosed with invasive ductal cancer on my left breast.I had a lumpectomy and another surgery called a sentinal node biopsy.My lymphnodes were clean,but the doctors at the Mass.General boston wanted me to treat it aggressively with Chemo and then 6 weeks of radiation. I had a team of 4 doctors that worked together.The oncologist,my breast surgeon,the radiologist and a hemotologist. They recommended the more aggresive treatment with 2 kinds of chemo.I did lose my hair and it was a very taumatic experience to go through.the team of doctors thought it best to treat it this way,because I was only 42 at the time,and because it was invasive,there was that chance that some cells could have floated to other parts of my body. I will be 44 in a few weeks.My Mother also had breat cancer 29yrs. ago.She had a mastectomy.My cancer was not hormonal so I am not a candidate for tomoxifen.I now go for my mammograms once a year and see my breast surgeon once a year for the next 2yrs. I see my oncologist every 3-4months for the next 4 yrs.. I am happy to hear that yours did not spread to the lymphnodes,that is a good thing.As you go through this,be your own doctor and ask alot of questions and ask for statistics. I have a great friend who also had breast cancer 5yrs ago and has helped me to gain so much info on this disease..Please,if there are any questions you want to ask me about my cancer or want to know what questions you could ask your doctors,please email me.I would be glad to help.
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    Thanks for keeping us posted. Glad to hear your nodes are negative, that's great news. Hope the mammosite works for you and all goes well. ((HUGS)) Mary Beth
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    Glad your surgery went well. Sounds like all good news and I hope that continues. You'll be in our prayers.