Tamoxifen is not the only cancer fighting drug

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Hi, I was on Tamoxifen for 1 yr. My side effects were back pain and blurred vision, I told my onco that I didn't want to take it any more, I told her that I was stopping taking it and she immediately put me on Arimidex, on this over 6 mths now and no real side effects to report so far. Please, if you are in doubt of using Tamoxifen, then don't take it, there are a lot of drugs out there, you just have to persist with your doctor. Take care


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    This is good information to know. After radiation, this is my next step I think. I'm already concerned about side effects from Tamoxifen. laura
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    I could not take tamoxifen either, I was having horrible hot flashes and sex was out of the question. Yes, I said the word. After all of the treatment we have, then not to be able to be intimate with our husband/partner is another blow. My doctor put me on Arimidex now for 2 years and I just got put on the Estring ring for vaginal dryness and it works. Even though my tumor was estrogen positive, the dose is low and inserted so not to be taken by mouth. For those of you that feel deprived of the vital person you used to be. Ask your doctor and see if it will help you. It has made 100% change in my life, my husband felt neglected and I felt nothing. My husband says I am BACK!!!!