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Hi everyone,
I want to thank you for the support I received from my last questions. The doctor has ordered me to take Femara daily and have an intervenous drug once a month to strengthen my bones. This met was just discovered....can't chemo or radiation help? I asked my doc and he said he wants to maintain my 'quality of life'. Well I do to but I first must have a life to live.......I'm afraid that Femara may help but certainly not stop the cancer from spreading. Am I wrong? I hope to get another opinion next week (as soon as I can find a doctor that I can trust). I like my doctor but he seems so matter of fact. He told me not to build my new home until he sees how I am doing on Femara. THERE MUST BE SOMETHING ELSE!
Thanks for any insight.......Carol


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    We love our doctors. They are very matter of fact and somehow we don't get all our questions answered, or if we do, they are not the answers we are looking for. Your doctor telling you not to build your new house is unbelievable. Planning for the future is terrific therapy - It keeps our attitude strong. Get good and mad at this cancer and fight girl. Get another opinion for your own peace of mind. And go FEMARA do your thing. Cammie
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    Carol, the second opinion seems to be the best thing right now, and I'd make another appt. with doc and say what you just said to us. Let him know how you are feeling. I wish you the best. Laura
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    I can't believe he told you not to build your house. And I agree with you, you have to have a life to preserve the quality of life. He may very well believe this but just giving you platatudes is not what you need. You need facts, lots of facts and options.
    I would get a second opinion, actually I would change doctors and then get another opinion. 3 brains are always better than one. I wish you luck. Get mad and get busy!!!! Beth
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    I am so sorry to hear that you are going through this. It is certainly my greatest fear. I think your physician was very insensitive to have told you not to build your home. I agree go get another opinion. I would feel just as you do about getting more chemo. Hang in there and good luck. I will keep you in my prayers.
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    Carol, I hope you get this message! Get a second opinion girl. The treatment for bone mets is radiation. I had a met to my right arm and my low back in 2001. As for the house, pooh on the doc, he should be ashamed of himself. I just sold my house and remodeled a farm house and plan to develop a camp for kids with cancer! Also, if your tumor was HER2neu + you should be taking Herceptin, an IV antibody against the HER2 tumor type. I think the only contraindication to herceptin is allergic reaction or history of heart failure. PLEASE don't give up hope! Bone mets are treatable. As for your doc, he should know life is one day at a time. They make me so mad when they act like they have a crystal ball and know 'how long you have'. Anyone of us can go at any given time, like being hit by a truck! I wonder if that keeps your MD from starting his own new house?! LOL
    Get a second opinion, build your house and live your life to the fullest. This is not a death sentence, its a diagnosis to live! We're all going to die, even those without cancer. It's just now we fully realize our mortality. We've really been blessed, because now we can take advantage of this knowledge and appreciate life for what it is.....possibly our last day, not because of 'the diagnosis' just because that's the way it is. I'm getting off my soap box now! HA! You can imagine how much my docs love me.
    God bless and good luck. hummingbyrd