any secondary sarcomas out there?

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I'm worried about a stress fracture in my femur... pain won't go away and now its achin all the time. It's probably nuthin... I run marathons now with Team in Training... but heck, if you fit in my category (thirty something at diagnosis and now old ladies who had BMT when it was a new procedure) I would love to hear from you or anybody who wANTS ALITTLE ENCOURAGEMENT TO HANG IN THERE! BLESS YOU ALL , CATHY


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    Hey congrats on your 15yr land mark!! Its my was my 8th just this december... I had a tumor under my arm and the chemo they gave to me rid the tumor gave me ANLL- received a BMT in dec 95... and am doing well....

    I'm not old (17)... but two years ago my hip broke because of weak bone due to chemo... I walked around for MONTHS with a broken hip until I literally could not walk- PAIN! I thought it was nothing and didn't want to worry anyone so i waited till the last min. to say anything to anyone. so i missed 4 months of school because i had a pin put in my hip... so just in case I'd get ur femur checked out!

    good luck!