adoption after cancer

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Hi all,
I'm new to the site & not sure whether this is right place for this question. I am a recent breast cancer survivor who is trying to adopt a child. So far, two adoption agencies have been pretty discouraging. Do any of you know of cancer survivors who have adopted children after diagnosis -or know of any resources/agencies I can go to for help? I would appreciate any information/encouragement. Cancer has already taken too much from me! Thank you. Ctgirl.


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    Hi ct!

    Great job on having made it so far! Although my kids are not adopted, I could only imagine how much adoption will fulfill your dreams of being a mom. Where do you live? Have you contacted any local branches of government with regards to adoption guidelines in your area? What about another country for adoption, whose agencies may operate differently? Just a few suggestions, hope something pans out for you!

    Take care and stay healthy,