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I have had 4 rounds of AC and two of Taxol (two to go). My ears seem to be clogged up and I'm having problems hearing. Do you think this is a head cold or could it be related to taxol? anyone have this problem? Thanks


  • jfsnowflake
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    I have no answer to your question, but I had ear problems during chemo and after too. It seems that no one thought it was related directly. Possibly an indirect correlation because I was laying around more and my ears and sinus' were not draining as they should ....like in the none chemo times when I liked keeping my head up instead of laying down all the time. Hope it clears up for you. Did you ask your doc???
    Two more Taxol for you..yeah!!
  • Sandis
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    Thanks for your response. The doctor said there are a variety of problems you can get from chemo, but I didn't have one of them. He said my ears were clogged. I wondered if chemo had something to do with it but he didn't think it did. Anyway, I'm fine. thanks for responding. Sandi