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Just an update on things......I had a call from the surgeons office yesterday. The results of the ultrasound done on Mon. warrant him doing another exam on me. They also mentioned a needle aspiration but I don't know it that will be done tomorrow or if I schedule that after the exam. Given my history of 2 years ago, this is a scary time. I'm praying the area in question will turn out to be benign and I can get back on an even path again. Thanks, Judy


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    Know that we'll all be praying with you, Judy!
  • jake10
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    You are in my prayers and hoping all is well. Beth
  • ksfc
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    Sending positive thoughts and prayers Judy!
    Take care - Diane
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    hi judy,
    i know exactly what you feel like i had 2 times were they took lumps from other breast and mine were benigh fat tumers so my thoughts are with you
    and i pray everything will be all right.
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    My prayers are with you!