My last chemo, hoorah!

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I check this site almost daily and I can't tell you how much support and strenth you have all given me. I never joined a support group and in a sense, you are my support group from afar. It is nice to hear from people my own age (43).
Well, today is my last chemo (8 treatments total). I must admit I am estactic yet a little frightened. As long as I have been on chemo, I felt as if I was in the "safe" zone. Now that I will be done, the fear of the cancer returning is in the back of my mind.
I've got so many goals I want to reach, No. 1 getting my life back, growing hair everywhere!!!, lose some weight and being a wife again. Most importantly, stay focused and positive.
I thank you all for being there and I will still check the site, maybe not daily, but most likely weekly.
Feel free to e-mail me at [email protected] anytime. I'd love to hear from any of you.
I am grateful to you all.
God bless,


  • Diane26
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    Congratulations!! I'm so happy for you. It's nice to hear that it does come to an end of sorts. I too use this board for my support group. I am just coming out the other side of my 3rd of 8 chemos. They seem to get harder to rebound from. I thought once I got through one I'd know what to expect but they have all been different. I hope you are doing something very important to you to celebrate. Stay well, Deb.
  • DeeNY711
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    HOORAYYYYYYYY!!! Standing on the computer chair clapping like a seal for you! LAST CHEMO... what a delight. Love, Denise
  • ksfc
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    Deb - YIPPEE!!! Doing a happy dance for you.
    You're right about this being kind of a scary transition. There's a wonderful book called Living Beyond Breast Cancer that deals with the time after treatment. Take care - Diane
  • cammie
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    Ballons are falling from the sky!!!!! Yea no more chemo.
    I have been finished with chemo since April, I need this site more now then when I was in chemo. I found out that once my chemo stopped, I was more depressed. I am currently on my first week with Zoloft. (So the effects on the meds have not started yet) Now that you can breath, you might start researching and finding out more information about your cancer, which can be pretty frightening. You are not alone. You have done the best treatment and the most aggressive path. Best wishes to you! Smile Cammie
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    Hope you celebrate your finish line! Good luck on getting back to your life!
  • Twinks56
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    Happy Happy Joy joy!!! I just finished my last round of chemo on Monday.June 30. I agree with you about worrying and being in the safe zone.The type of breast cancer that I had,they don't know why but it mirror images itself in the other breast.So far everything is okay.I will keep ypu in my prayers
  • bunnie
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    congratlations on being done it has been a long road.know you can start getting on with of luck in the furture.Amy