Lymphoma and Infections

rocky5 Member Posts: 16
I am basically a care provider for my father who has Large B-cell Diffuse, and is being treated aggressively with CHOP and Rituxan. HOwever, I seems to have caught a cold. Do anyone have any suggestions on how I can minimize the chances of my dad getting infection from me, and me still being able to do stuff for him, e.g., making his bed, cooking his food, taking him for his shots, basically anything he needs? Thank you for any help that you can offer.


  • mc2001
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    My prayers are with you as your fathers caregiver and also with your dad. This is a tough duty. Along with the advice you recieve about preventing cross contamination, I highly recommmend calling the doctor and hearing what the doc can recommend. As for the basics, wash hands with soap and water, wear a mask around him, dont share eating utensils or drink cups, and maybe keep the windows open if it isnt too rough on your dad. Take care.
  • dpomroy
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    All the things mc says are good. Also use disposable if possible and practical, for example paper drinking cups especially in the bathroom. Even handtowels in the bathroom and kitchen should be replaced with paper towels for now. Keep Lysol wipes in both rooms to touch up door knobs, water faucets, sinks and counter tops.