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I was supposed to get the results of my MRI today on my other breast (diagnosed in one breast already) and when I called the nurse told me that the Radiologist has requested to see all of my mammogram films first. I realize that he probably is just being catious, but now i'm worried. I can't decide if they want to see the films because they do or don't see something. I'm a wreck today. I go in for the biopsy for the two spots they believe are cysts on Thursday. I also have to take my films from previous CT Scan and Chest x-rays for my third chest x-ray in two weeks (artifact on lungs). Will all these x-rays hurt me? The surgeon wants to go ahead and schedule surgery with the understanding that if they find anything on the MRI and biopsy and chest x-ray that we have to get back together and talk more. I know I need to take a deep breath and hang in there. Thanks for letting me vent. Laura


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    Good grief - sounds like they have given you a lot to think about in short time. No wonder you are stressed. I do remember that every time I had to have anything done - Xray, mammogram, MRI, whatever - if there was a prior one, they wanted to see it. I know that can't really calm your fears, but just wanted to offer some support.

    I am not a medical person, but I don't think you have to worry about the xrays - I think the repeats are common.

    Thinking good thoughts for you...

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    The period of time between the dawning realization that something is very wrong and the surgery is the very worst part. Set the date so that you have an OR date scheduled..... the rest is "tweaking" as far as what will be done and how. As far as the xray exposure goes, I don't glow in the dark yet, although I cannot fathom a logical explanation for that. I am so sorry for what you are going through. It is such a bad piece of ground. Focus on the fact that you want to know what is and what isn't before you have your surgery so that you and the surgeon can make the best choices as far as intervention. Love, Denise
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    Good luck with everything. You have a lot to deal with right now. They do ask to see previous x-rays, mammograms, etc but I know it's difficult to wait and wonder. Your are in our prayers.
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    Like everyone says, they always want to look at previous films. My mamo center, they read the film while you are there. If they see anything suspecious they do the ultra sound right then. This eliminates the not knowing.
    You are going through a lot right now. Try not to project down the road. It is difficult to handle today without worrying about all the tomorrows. Beth