It Happened - I lost my prothesis

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Can you believe it. I have a expander on my left so it is really huge - Like DD size and my right is just a B cup. I have to wear my prothesis on my right to even me out. Anyhow I had on a bathing suit and had to quickly run to my daughters soccer game. I threw a t-shirt over my suit and put on a pair of shorts and ran out the door. So I am sitting at the soccer game and look down and low and behold my belly button looked like a third boob. Thank God I saw it before I stood up. Life is just full of surprises, but Im sure that one would of surprised a lot of kids seeing a boob on the ground. Please tell me I am not the only person to have had this fun experience. If not at least you could share in my laughter. Smile Cammie


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    Cammie, you made me smile on a day I didn't feel like smiling!!! Laura
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    Cammie...I can't personally relate but my pal who has bc had her prothesis come out in the swimming pool! Floated right up to the top of the pool. She said she saw it and thought it was a pool toy until she was horrified to see what it really was! Makes me think of that part of Caddyshack when the Baby Ruth is in the pool and they play the music from Jaws.

    Thank God your prothesis didn't fall out on the ground! You would have had to use your daughter's college money to pay for therapy for her soccer team. It's not everyday you see a boob on the soccer field (aside from some of the coaches).

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    Always remember that 3/4 of the population has the short term memory of a gnat, and will forget to remember such episodes as soon as the next odd happening occurs. The other 1/4 would either not be paying attention, or not recognize a breast form for what it is. I am fascinated that your stray boob headed toward your belly button while mine always leap for my neckline! Love, Denise
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    Dear Cammie
    I am still rolling on the floor. Let me share what happen to me..LOL.. ok here goes...

    It was just a week or so after surgery so I was at still at home, My son, being the loving child that he is (he was 17 at the time) made me a temparary waterballon booby to wear till I could get my real prothesit one.

    OK.. well as if that was not funny enought. I was sittin in my living room -wearing my water ballon boob as to NOT hurt my sons feelings..LOL when the door bell rang..

    ( I know what your thinking - right - that it poped..LMBO>> nope.. Keep reading..LOL

    It was a UPS delivery man at the door deliving an order, when I signed for my box and bent over, very gingerly to pick it up (remember I was only a week out of surgery) my waterballon boob popped out of the top of my t-shirt and BOUCNED right at this poor mans feet. He turned BEAT RED but without missing a beat he reached down, scooped it and my box up and handed it back to me, tipped his cap and left without a word.

    NOw what do you think he told the guys when he got back to the office????

    Much love
    and Thanks for the Laugh
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    Cammi and others, wow I am laughing so hard. Loved the water balloon one and the UPS guy!!! Glad that I had the reconstruction or who knows where I would be????????????????sandy
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    Cammie, Karen, & Jerilyn,

    THANX!!! I laughed so hard it brought tears to my eyes!

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    That is DEFINITELY one for the books!!
    Take care
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    You ladies all made my day LOL