nervous about a spot on mammogram

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hi i am new here my mom has had breast cancer she is a nine year survivor. i am in my mid forties and every time i go to get a exam i am afraid especially since the doctors say i am a good canditate, because of family history. i went for a mammogram last week and got the call to come back for a spot mammogram i am now worried, this is the first time i have been called back for a spot check. the thing is my husbond smokes and i don't but i stand as much a chance of getting cancer as he does according to the doctors i go to.


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    Please take the spot seriously and get it checked. However, smoking does not contribute to breast cancer. Not good for you, but it does not cause breast cancer. Yes, you are at a higher risk for breast cancer because of your mom. How old was your mom when she got it? They say to check 10 years prior to your moms date. 80% of Breast cancer patients have no family history of breast cancer. I don't know if I helped you feel better, but I will be thinking of you! Please let us know the outcome. Smile Cammie
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    ptbabe, i am wishing you the best. hopefully it is just a cyst. As cammie said, stay on top of this and get it checked out. Laura
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    In this time of super-careful screening, it is not at all unusual for there to be very high call-back rates to check out age-related changes that occur. Getting a close-up to compare with the next set of films, or simply getting a view from another angle can be a big help in interpretation. Hugs, Denise