Taxol Treatments Start Tomorrow

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I just finished three rounds of A/C on June 17th. I begin my first of three rounds of taxol tomorrow. I have been told that I should not be nauseous. I have lost hair on my head the eyebrows are thin but I still have eyelashes. I need advise - what should I expect from Taxol?


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    I had 4 rounds of a/c, and am now half way through 12 wks of weekly taxol. Taxol is much easier than a/c, at least for me it is. I get a low dose because it's weekly, but I don't get any nausea, on a/c I was in bed for 3 or 4 days and couldn't live without zofran. My main complaint with taxol is that I'm dead tired. I have never felt so lazy in all my life! Here again, doing it weekly, I don't have any time to recover. I was alway able to recover some between a/c every 3 wks. Besides tired and weak, I really feel pretty good. My hair was actually starting to come back, but it's falling out again now. The onc nurse said because lower doses, it took longer. My eyebrows and eyelashes had fallen out, and not much change there. They've warned me of joint and muscle pain, and I do get achy and stiff by the end of the day, nothing that a couple advil won't help, and I take glutamine. I still have a nasty taste in my mouth, it's just a different taste, and I'm very dry. Dry mouth, dry sinus, dry skin etc. I hope that helps some, and I hope for you that taxol is indeed easier than the red devil. God Bless, Judy
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    Hi! I had my Taxol separate from my A/C. It was given to me after a recurrence. It was 4 years apart, but I will never forget A/C. My Taxol was once every 3 weeks. Same hair loss as with A/C, but I was not nauseous. Thank you God!! The joint and bone pain was an issue for me at times. I was given a pain killer that helped me through the tough days. Tired happened too! For you, I would believe that tired may happen just because of the ongoing treatments your body had been experiencing. Be good to yourself, get rest and if you feel the pain coming on, get a jump on it with advil or a prescription as needed. Just a few thoughts that might be helpful to you.
    Hope it goes very well for you!! Jane
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    Hello simmonsg,
    Just wondering how you're doing w/the Taxol; I've been on it since June. Just discovered this discussion board today, or would have responded sooner. I get it weekly, and went for 9 weeks before having to take a couple weeks break, due to emotional fatigue and a really bad case of swelling in the ankles and legs. They both hurt like crazy, and we don't know what's causing it. Let me hear from you plz.