Artifact on chest x-ray

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Does anyone know what it means when they tell you there is an "Artifact" on your lung? I had a chest x-ray done a week ago because of an ongoing cough. I have just recently been diagnosed with breast cancer in one breast and possibly in the other, still doing tests. I had two chest x-rays come back with "Artifact." So far, noone has really been able to explain it. My surgeon is out of town. Obviously, i'm concerned this too could be cancer. They just told me to make sure that before I went into surgery to make sure another chest x-ray is done and that it's not groiwng. Please let me know what you think. Thanks, Laura


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    Hello, I am Jackie I have stage 3b lung cancer, I would definatly find out what is on your lung before I had surgery. I had a cough and that is how I found my cancer. It could be nothing but would fine out and make sure it has not spread to your lung or surrounding nodes.
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    You should be getting CAT scans and PET scans to determine if you have cancer in your lungs and if so, if it is the same cancer that is in your breasts. If that is the case you have cancer that is spreading and surgery on your breasts wouldn't do you much good. You would need treatment that attacks the cancer whereever it is in your body. Chemotherapy is designed to do this. I know this very scary, but remember your talking to survivors who have "been there". Make sure you understand what is happening to you. Knowledge is power and there are a lot of treatment options when you know what you are dealing with. Best of luck.