Suspected reccurrance of resected mass-non-small cell poorly differentiated adeno carcinoma

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Was operated ( Loboctomy )in April 2002. Quarterly check ups were fine till April 2003 when a soft tissue was observed near the operated spot through CT Scan. In june there is compression in SVC near which the mass was operated from, giving raise to reduced return of Venus Blood. My tumour was staged as T3 N0 M0. I have been told to go through 25 sittings of Radio Theraphy ( 5000 CGA ) . They are not sure weather it is a node or rec. or fibrosis. They also tell me that if it is Fibrosis RT will not have any effect. Can someone throw more light on this please. Thanks.


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    You should have a PET scan to determine if this mass is a malignancy or fibrous scar tissue. %Radiation Therapy is a very serious step to take, especially if there is any doubt as to the nature of a tumor or tissue. There are many side effects to RT. I know as I have been having treatment for lung tumors for three years now. I too had a left upper lobectomy. Radiation has given me a chronic scarring and frequent inflamations in the lung. If you are not getting satisfactory answers to your questions, get second opinions. Also, I would check into IMRT (targeted radiation) that spares surrounding lung tissue and minimizes chances of scarring. If your tumor is confined to your lungs and hasn't metasticised you have quite a few options. Your oncologist should be able to help you, but ultimately your treatment is up to you. Good luck.