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The news has been full of all types of prostate cancer information the last couple of days. Funny how you never heard much about it until you have it! My husband is 3 months post op and doing extremely well. We had our first Doctors appt. on June 3 and being told that his Gleason was 7, not 6, he's stage was T3b, 40% tissue involved and that it had left the prostate and gone into his left seminal vesticle. He was told that he was in the perfect position to do a clinical trial of taxotere, low dose chemo. 3 year period, 18 treatments over 6 months. We were told that all information from the operation (slides, other test, etc) would be sent to John Hopkins for re-evaluation. We discussed the benefits not only for us, but for the future research of post RP patients that are concidered high risk and decided to join. Waiting for the call to let us know when our first appointment was turned into a call of a life time. Today we were told that John Hopkins has determined that the cancer was localized and did not involve the vesticles! Tears of joy and relief have been "flowing"! Prayers have once again been answered! So now I wonder (but not questioning the power above) do post RP need to ask that someone else look at their slides? How accurate is all of this? Just a thought from a very happy happy wife. Has anyone else had this happen? I never thought to question the results from the pathologist, expecially since that have the true speciman to look at!


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    Wonderful!! Prayers do get answered and yes if
    people can afford it, a second opinion is extremely beneficial.

    My case was a second opinion spotted the potential problem which was then confirmed so it works both ways.

    Stay in touch and good luck