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I am just finishing surgery, chemo and a bout of lymphodema but am so glad to be using the word OVER! This is such a welcome site and I have been on the breast cancer site for months. I guess I am a slow lesbian! My partner has been soooooo supportive and such a loving source during all the changes in our lives. I honestly am so thankful ALL of my team of Dr's and Nurses knew we were together and could not have cared LESS! How about that deep in the South! Well, it was one less battle to fight during this ordeal. So- thanks for having a place I can let my hair down with friends. God bless you all!


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    Glad you found us. CONGRATULATIONS for the end of treatment. Ronit
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    I just got diagnosed with breast cancer about three weeks ago. I had a lumpectomy a week ago and I've been feeling much better physically than I could have imagined, but am a bit nervous about the chemo and the radiation that is coming up. The emotional part hasn't been bad most of the time, but it is really hard when it hits unexpectedly. I think the hardest thing for me is to feel so out of control emotionally. I have a wonderful partner and I worry about alienating her. I'm really glad to have found this site. Everyone seems very supportive so I'm looking forward to learning a lot here. Thanks!