VA Benefits for Prostate Cancer

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Those of you who were in the Vietnam War, and have since come down with Prostate Cancer, should check into the VA for possible benefits. I am 61, was in Vietnam in my early 20's and was diagnosed with an early stage of Prostate Cancer at age 60 in May 2002. I had a radical prostatectomy in August and applied for VA benefits in September. When you get a chance, call up the VA web site, check the Compensation and Benefits site, and learn as much as you can about exposure to Agent Orange. There is an on-line application form you can use to apply if you think you are eligible for benefits. BUT - your best bet to apply is to contact a person known as a "Service Representative" through an organization such as the VFW (this is the route I went). They will help you through the entire application and benefit process. This is not a short term process. For me, it's taken 9 months, but I received word a few days ago that I will be getting 100% disability for 6 months (retroactive) and will receive 40% from the 6 month period and at least until my next VA exam (some recovery has taken place and was VA adjusted). This could be a pretty good chunk of change for you, but is small in comparison to the cancer received from Agent Orange and the resultant long-term side affects that are inherent with this operation. Check it out!!!


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    That is great news! I was about to respond to this post when I first read it, but was a bit delayed. In the meantime, I, too, got my notification from the VA with the same results as nwlms..... 100% for six months and 40% for a while afterwards. (Unfortunately, being retired from the Navy, I don't see any of the money. The government in it's wisdom doesn't think it right that we retirees receive concurrent disability VA benefits and retirement pay. So my pay is reduced by the amount of the VA benefit. The VA amount is, however, tax-free so that will save a few dollars.) For other, non-retirees, the 100% allowance for the first six months is a substantial sum and worth looking into.

    As mentioned in the original post, please try to get the word out to your veteran friends to check the VA's website. Agent Orange is presumed to be involved in many different medical conditions, including prostate cancer, some skin cancers as well as other diseases.
    Thanks, Sailor