I have new doctors!!!!!!

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Thank all of you for your support last week when I found out my doctor was being deployed and was sent to a new doctor I did not like. Anyway, I called my insurance company and told them I did not like the new doctor. They called me back and now I am being seen by the Head of the Department at the Medical University!!!! He is the top doctor in this field. I met with him and the Radiation Oncologist yesterday and liked them both . I could not believe that my prayers were answered. I am doing so much better now. They've told me I am a candidate for a possible Mammosite Radiation. Where they insert a balloon and do radiation directly at the site for one week/twice a day instead of 6 weeks of external radiation. I'm researching this, so anyone who has done this, please let me know.
Thanks again for all your support. Today I am good!!!


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    I tried having the mammonsite implanted at Magee Hosp. at the Univ. of Pittsburgh, but it was not successful. Apparently it has to be deep enough in the breast so that the skin doesn't burn during radiation and they really can't judge that until after they implant it and do a CAT scan. Also, I had a sentinal node biopsy done at the same time and it showed 1 positive node so they had to remove the implant (simply pulled it out-no big deal), It's worth a try though if you're a candidate, the radiation is completed in 5 days and it is only at the tumor site (where 85% of the tumors recur). Hope this helps. Mary Beth
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    I am so glad that things have turned around for you and that you feel confident again, that means so much. I went through that for 2 years, I had a Dr. that I did not like but it was only once a year for a yearly check as I was in remission. All of a sudden I found out that he was leaving and that I had a new Dr. The first time I saw him was after a lung collapsed and I found out that my breast cancer was back after almost 10 years in remission but I like this Dr. and I feel he is a very good Dr. so I guess with prayers things work out. Best of luck to you and I'll keep you in my prayers.
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    Great for you! I am so happy you now have doctors you can begin to trust. New procedure sounds exciting. Hope everything works out as you want it to. Beth
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    WooHoo- another reader that is sooooo happy for you! Good Luck-
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    I think I told everyone with two ears about your terrible plight! It struck a nerve because I was scheduled for a surgical procedure yesterday and I was prepared to climb down off of the stretcher in my johnny coat if the surgeon I chose was not able to be there for any reason. I am so happy to learn of your wonderful surprise! Thank you for letting all of us know how things turned out so well after the horrible situation you found yourself in. Love, Denise
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    I'm so glad for you! I'm sure that having drs you are comfortable with will help with your peace of mind while you go through this! Best of everything, Julene
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    Glad you found a new doc that you like.Hope all goes well for you.Bunnie