Mom has short-term memory loss..

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My Mom has NSCLC, Stage IV. She is currently on Gemzar, prior to that she had radiation to the lung along with chemo. She has become very forgetful, and has increased short term memory loss. Has anyone seen this before? My sister says its a side effect of chemo, but Gemzar does not list this as a side effect. Concerned there are mets to the brain. Please let me know. Thanks.


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    Hi I am Jackie, I too have stage 3b NSCLC i am also on Gemzar. I am 35 and often have what i call a senior moment... But I do not think it actually the Gemzar, but just chemo in general, they have called it chemo brain, just a basic side affect of chemo... I have only been on Gemzar for three weeks, how about your mom, is it working good for her? would love to here from you. Jackie emil:
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    I just finished 6 weeks of Gemzar and had no such problem.