Tingling in Arm

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I had a left mastectomy three weeks ago yesterday. The feeling is slowly coming back into that arm which is a good thing. However, if the fabric from my clothing touches certain areas it burns. My doctor says it's "hypersensitive". It feels like real bad sunburn. Will this ever go away?


  • DeeNY711
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    The loss of sensation or the odd sensations such as a feeling like tingling or burning begin to resolve over time. Four months following mastectomy of both left and right sides, there are still patches that feel very little on the skin, along with odd sensations now and then. I try to think of it all as "normal." After 16 weeks I do notice the return of sensation to areas that were without, though. Hope this helps. Love, Denise
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    It will definitely improve, but it may not completely go away. I'm a year out and still have some weird sensations, a little tingling and some numbness, but nothing like at first. Hang in there - Diane
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    My doctor said it takes 3-6 months for the numbness or tingling to go away. If it doesn't, I think there are exercises to do to help.
    I'm all new to this...my operation was March 19th.
    Take care,
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    After my lymph node removal I had numbness and a hypersesitive area just behind my armpit area. the numbness under my arm from armpit to elbow is the same after 5 weeks, but the hypersensitive area behind the armpit has gotten much better after the drain was removed. Good Luck!!