Treatment for Lung mest

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Had bi lat mastect 4/02. Susequent tumor right axillary. Went through 1 yr chemo, first cmf then 4 adriamycin, 4 taxol. Now have another growth right axillary and spots on lung. Was told I need more chemo and that lung is first priority. Please let me know course of treatment taken by
anyone in similar circumstance. THANKS


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    Haven't had to deal with this....had bone mets 8/01. Do know breast cancer most likely metasasis is to BBLL brain, bone, liver and lung. Also know, with my bone mets, its not bone cancer, but breast cancer in the bone. Figure its the same with lung. They tell me that means it is still breast cancer, just in a different place. Probable treatment may include surgery to lung and treatment with chemo, navelbine maybe, which I've heard is not bad. I'm told most people don't even have a lot of hair loss. I have a good friend who had lung cancer, started there, in 1991. She had over 1/2 of lung removed and maybe part of other and is doing very well! Prayers are with you. I hope this has helped. God bless. hummingbyrd