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I recently had breast conserving surgery in which all margins and the lymphnodes came back clear. My doctors still want me to proceed with chemotherapy and radiation. I realize that hair loss is temporary, however I did come across a product called thymuskin for the prevention of hair loss and regrowth. Apparently it was originally developed by a German scientist and tested on chemo patients. Has anyone heard of or tried this product.


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    Be sure to speak with your oncologist about anything you plan to use while you are receiving chemotherapy. Interactions can be catastrophic. Bring the information that you have about thymuskin to your next visit.
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    Don/t worry about loosing your hair, concentrate on getting well. I lost my hair for 14months, before I lost it I went to a wig shop that specialized in wigs for cancer patients. They made me one that nobody could tell it was a wig. It looked really good. I now have my hair back, it came in thicker than I had before, You'll be alright don't let hair loss get in the way of your treatment. Keep your spirits up your worth more than your hair. Keep your chin up, von
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    I agree..don't worry about the hair loss. I have a cousin who has been bald since he was, he's hair anywhere (alapecia..sp?). I always think of him, when I look in the mirror. My hair loss is temporary , and it's kind of exciting because the hair can grow back a different color or curly. I can't wait to see!!!
    I bought a great wig ($139.), and I ran into a beautician friend who said she liked my hair.
    I said, thanks, and didn't tell her it was a wig.
    Hair loss is the least of our worries....we must survive at all costs.
    Take care,
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    What an adventure, how will you ever know how beautiful you really are if you miss out on shaving your head. I progressively cut it shorter and shorter until it started to fall out, then my husband buzzed it. Then a few days later, I SHAVED IT OFF, just like Demi in GI Jane. I bought 3 wigs and lots and lots of hats. I loved wearing hats. Most of the time peaple just think your making a fashion statement!