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Greetings, Arlene -

I had the same issue. My doctor and surgeon both explained to me that it was a combination of the chemo and the hemicolectomy. They removed my ascending and transverse colon. The ascending colon has the job of removing water from its "contents" and, since it was no longer there, the descending colon (all that was left) had to "learn" the job. It's been almost 2 years since my surgery and I'm still not "normal" (lots of gas (of course I have only about 1/3 the storage capacity of my peers!), cramps, and the runs. But it still beats having an appliance!

I'm not saying this is what's happening with you and I would certainly discuss the issue with your doc. In the mean time drink lots and lots of water! You're losing bunches down the toilet and you need to keep hydrated - especially if you're active and outside while on vacation.

Be well and enjoy your trip!

- SpongeBob