Hi all...remember me?? Bone Mets question!!

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Hey Everyone,
I haven't been on in a while and hope everyone is doing well. Skylar is good...having to have blood work done for the next month to find out why his white blood count was low...aahhh...maybe because he got chemo with me?? Well, he will be fine. Almost a year now...Can you believe it?
Well, I also come with a question....
For those who have had bone mets.... Where have you gotten it and how did it feel? I ask because my elbow of all places hurts and just had bone scan last month and it came out clean. I just fugure I carry my HEAVY baby around..and stuff..I might of just sprained it. If you all could just let me know your experiences...I would REALLY appreciate it.
Talk to you all soon..
God Bless,


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    Hi heavenlee how are you? and yes of course I remember you.
    I had mets to my right arm and low back, both treated with radiation. My arm was the first, it felt like a pulled muscle. It hurt to put the car in gear, raising it over my head hurt slightly or with picking up stuff. If I didn't use it then it was OK. I had a bone scan done July 2001 which they read as negative or clear. I also had a mammogram. As they were packing up the mammo films the radiologist went over the bone scan with me. THAT's when she noted a slightly darker area in my right arm, called a 'hot spot'. She ordered a plain x-ray and there it was, clear as day, a nearly golfball size bone met. Now was God watching over me or what? My bone scan had already been read and dictated as NORMAL. Needless to say, in Sept 2001, when I felt like I had a low back strain I refused the bone scan and requested just a plain x-ray. Sooooo, my suggestion is ask your doc about an x-ray if the pain is persistent, which in my book does not mean constant. Persistant is it keeps coming back or won't go away, even if its mild, if its new for you it may be a signal. Better to be safe than sorry. God bless. hummingbyrd
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    hi I never spoke to you before but read your posts. My elbow hurt before chemo started and i know it sounds silly to say that. But so far all is clear. will pray for you sandy
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    Hi Angel - of course I remember you! It's so nice to hear that you and Skylar are doing well. I can't help you with the bone mets question, but thanks for checking in and for telling us about the talk show. Diane