34 Year Survivor

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I just came across this site. I think it is great the way you offer each other mutual support. There was virtually no attention paid to the emotional and mental side of having Hodgkin's when I was diagnosed.

If it is encouraging to any of you more recently treated folks, I was diagnosed with Stage IIIA in September 1969. About 2 weeks ago I completed a 30 mile trail bike ride and last month did an overnight bike ride covering 62 miles in 2 days. I am far from an example of fitness, having enough extra fat to make a large dog out of (if one had sorcerer's skills), but I wanted to let you know that one does not necessarily feel exhausted, shortness of breath, or otherwise debilitated for the rest of your life from treatment (I had radiation and MOPP chemo, 2 cyles of the latter).


  • mc2001
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    Hi Pete,
    My name is Michael (almost like a broken record now) and I am a leukemia survivor. After almost 7 years in remission, I still have some lingering side effects like fatigue and memroy loss. But after reading your short story, I have a little "extra" hope, now. THank you for sharing.
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    HI! Thanks for the encouragement!! I am a 20 yr HD survivor, I've had many side effects fro the radiation, C-MOPP and ABVD I was given, but I'm still alive and doing well for now. Keep living!!
    You should come to Iowa and do the bike ride across the state they have every summer, people say it is a lot of fun...