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My dad was recently diagnosed with Prostate cancer. His PSA is 6.8 and his Gleason is 6. He has been leaning toward doing the radiation treatments. Although not completly ruled out the "seeds" treatment. Would like to hear from others who could share their experience on these procedures. Thanks in advance for any information.


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    Bottom line is your DAD needs to research the options and make a decision however, his PSA and Gleason were almost identical to mine.

    I elected for seed implant because I was unable due to employment be in one place, every day for 8 weeks. With "conformal beam radiation" it supposedly follows the computer model input from an ultra sound taken from the inside of the colon. It reportedly has minimal "burning" of anything else due to this technique an is concentrated on the prostate.

    The seeds ---- in at 7am and out about 1pm. 2-3 days with catheter and bag. otherwise little side effects. radiation depletes over 30-60 days.

    I had hormone therapy before and after seed implant (ask your doctor). It supposedly has some beneficial aspects:
    1. it starves the cancer of the male hormone
    2. it shrunk the size of the prostate requiring fewer seeds (less severe radiation)
    3. it supposedly makes the cancer cell more prone to being killed by the radiation.
    It did have some sexual side effects your dad needs to be aware of depending on age and his activity level.

    If the two choices he has narrowed down to are "external beam radiation" and "seed implant", I would not have a problem with either one but suggest you also look into the benefits of using hormone therapy with either choice before and after?

    Good luck and god bless.
    Joe Nutter
    ps doing great almost two years after.
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    Hi, I recently had my prostate removed, (21st of May) I was diagnosed two years ago with prostate cancer and fortunately it stayed inside the prostate. I visited two Urologists and both recommend removal and I talked with several other men that had the same procedure; I thought that was the best way to make sure that it was gone. I was in the hospital for three days and have not had any problems except for incontinence which supposedly might take a few months to get over. I had a friend that had the seed implant approximately 8 to 10 years ago and didn't come out very good with it. There are enough different treatments now that it sure is difficult to make a decission about what to do.

    **** from Indiana
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    Has your Dad considered having it removed?I had mine removed at age 46 and it is gone forever.I am having 0 complications.My surgery was in 2000.
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    I am also confused that your Father is not considering surgery. I had my surgery 2+yrs ago and have COMPLETELY recovered. No side effects what-so-ever. If the cancer is confined, and the surgery option is taken, it is the safest way to assure complete removal of the cancer. Have your Dad contact me if he has any questions regarding surgery.

    Good luck