Is it menopause or the chemo?

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I've stopped having my period after my 4th chemo treatment. I'm 43, is this the real thing with the hot flashes or is it temporary while undergoing chemo? I'm assuming this is good if it's the real thing as estrogen seems to promote breast cancer. Anyone else experience this?


  • JanAnnK
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    Chemo induced menopause is very common. I first experienced it after treatment with FAC when I was 35. My periods did resume. I had cancer again 11 years later. Initially my periods again stopped and resumed. But I had 3 separate courses of chemo with different drugs over 1 1/2 years and my periods never came back. It is good in a sense, as you mentioned, but estrogen is important for other reasons too, so I have mixed feelings about it. Whether chemically induced or natural, it's all the same with the hot flashes!! I am a 51 now, and the hot flashes are infrequent and mild.
  • minnie112256
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    Hi dash. I haD 4 treatments of chemo starting in Dec. and my periods stopped in Jan. My doctor said it would put me into Menopause. I get hot flashes all the time. It is not fun, but I do not miss my monthly visitor either. I heard the flashes ease up.
  • marytres
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    hi dash, I'm a 3 year survivor and was in menopause for 3 years too. I was given shots of emantone to make my periods stop and the oncologist took me off it last September. Now it's 2 months that my period is back. Doc says it's not uncommon. In 20% of the women it comes back because of the young age. I wish I didn't have them altogether. Hugs, Marie
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    I was 43 when I was going through chemo (AT) and after the 3rd round, I too entered a drug induced menopause. I had my last chemo (#8) 4/28 and am half way through radiation and still no period. The hot flashes have eased up a little and I don't know if that means I'll be getting my menses back or just getting used to them. The drs. just take a wait and see approach, but I guess chances are I'll get periods again. You may too -- you're so young. It's been a nice break though -- who wants their period and chemo??!!

    Good luck to you.
  • bunnie
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    Hi iam 34 and i too have not had a period since starting chemo.I have been done with chemo since Apirl and still have not gotten it doc also said that it could just be temporaly.I hope it is permant.I am ready to be done with the monthly.My hot flashes are not as bad either they use too wake me up in the middle of the night when i was doing chemo and know i harldy ever wake up in the middle of the night becase of hot flashes.I wish you the best of luck in everything.Bunnie
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    I was 45 when diagnosed, 46 when chemo(AC) ended and am 47 now. I haven't had a period since right after my 2nd chemo. I'm also taking tamoxifen. My onc told me that at my age it just depends - sometimes it returns, sometimes it doesn't. At this point I'm hoping it doesn't. I'm not enjoying the hot flashes, but since they've already started, I'd just as soon stick it out :-) Diane
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    I am on second time around. Chemo at 36 and went into it. Then I was out of it for a couple of years and now back big time. I thought it was bad before but now sweat like I never thought was possible, night sweats are very bad can't get sleep, even with meds. Some might be side affect from meds but I believe I have inharited all my mothers genes where this one is concerned. Can't take hormones so we will have to see how this one plays out. Couldn't have imagined it be like this even through chemo indused. It just gets better and better lol...
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