Problem with diarrhea, cramping and "gurgling"

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I recently finished my first six week chemo session and am still on the two week break. About two days after the chemo I started to have an unsettled stomach. On the fourth day the diarrhea started. The sixth day I had cramping, really bad diarrhea and the gurgling in the intestinal area. I was taking hemocyte plus capsule (to boost my hemoglobin) for about a month and had just switched to a tablet (new prescription). I thought there might have been a difference between the capsule and tablet. My nurse said it wasn't the hemocyte, but it was the effects of the chemotherapy. I quit taking the hemocyte until I get back home. I am thinking of going back on the hemocyte so my hemoglobin doesn't get too low. Any advice? Unfortunately, I am 1,000 miles from home trying to enjoy a vacation. After about five days of diarrhea, I seem to be back to "normal". Can I expect this after each six week session.

Thank you to all the nice people who are out there helping with advice.