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My best buddy has just been diagnosed. We're still waiting on biopsy results, but the doctor is positive it's cancer. 3cm by 2cm mass in the left lung and a mass that looks like lymph node involvement (on the same side of the body), which is trying to wrap around the windpipe!!! I'm more worried about this tumor than the one in the lung! He isn't a candidate for surgery because of his age and because he already has COPD. Has anyone had windpipe involvement? How did you fare? The doctor says he wants to wait until after the biopsy to determine what options we have. My buddy means the world to me and if there's any hope at all, I need to hear about it.


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    I am in the same boat. Mine didn't involve the trachea but was right next to it, and the lymphatic system is not involved. The radiation for that gave me swallowing problems. I had 33 radiation treatments and just finished my second round of 6 weeks of chemo and am due a CT in a week to check the tumor. So far I seem to be doing OK, some shrinking but at least not any worse. My COPD didn't seem to be worsened any by either of the treatments.
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    Dear Sioux, If your pal's cancer is not metastisized to other areas of the body, ask the oncologist about IMRT. It's a targeted radiation that can be done in areas traditional radiation cant. My oncologist was not aware of this procedure. I found out about it thru reading. I had IMRT done at the Cancer Treatment and Research Center in San Antonio (210: 616-5601). Obviously, you have computer knowledge. Use it to reasearch treatment options. Get second opinions if your not being given options or your doubtful about treatment prescribed. I have changed oncologists twice and sought various second opinions. They are never a waste of time, as you learn every time you speak with someone. Dr.s also listen more to you when you use appropriate terms regarding your cancer. I have been staying current on new treatments for 3 years now since my initial diagnosis in July 2000. I've had two surgeries, traditonal radiation, chemotherapy, RFA and IMRT. A good place to start researching is the American Lung Assoc., National Cancer Institute. You'll find many links. Whenever I have an appointment, I take my husband or a friend with me so I don't miss questions or the answers. My husband's and friends' support have been invaluable keeping me alive and relatively healthy. I'm sure you'll be there for your buddy. It can be a long haul. You've got to be proactive. I wish you good luck and hope this helps.