Tamoxifin & hot flashes

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Hello all. I am seeing my onc this Friday for my 3 month follow-up. I am pretty sure that he will start me on Tamoxifin at that time, but I have my doubts about this medicine. I did have an ER/PR tumor, so I know that the research points to a benefit. Chemo put me into menopause and now I have hot flashes about every 2 hours. (whew! is it hot in here or is it just me?) I also know that one of the side effects of Tamoxifin is hot flashes. Great. Dr. has recommended Paxil for this, but I am leery of that as well since I know some people who have trouble getting off Paxil. Also, I don't do well with anti depressants. They just make me cry. I tried Wellbutrin and took Prozac many years ago. Ugh. I was told that the effects wouldn't be felt for a month or so, but I couldn't take those drugs for even 2 days. Anyway, I wondered if anyone else has had experience with this combination of drugs and side effects. I am hoping (haha) that the Tamoxifin might cancel out the flashes I am already having. (((hugs)))


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    I wish I could tell you that the hot flashes would stop, but mine haven't. I am taking Celexa,(in the same family as Paxil) and 1000 of vitamin E which seems to help. I think the benefits outweigh the side effects, but everyone has to decide that for themselves. Good luck! Diane
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    Wish I could give you better news but welcome to sauna land. I am on Arimidex, similar to Tomoxefen and I was done with the flashes prior to the cancer diagnosis. Well now I get them about 50 times a day, some stronger than others and they seem to be much much worse when it is warm either outside or inside. They do not however wake me up at night. I know I have them at night because my linens or pajamas will have the feel of dried sweat and my hair feels gritty. But, I figure it can only last 5 years and as much as I hate the flashes they sure as hell beat a reaccurance of the cancer. Good Luck Beth
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    hello Marysun, Yes sometimes you get a hot flash and it comes from no where. I have been on Tamoxifin for over a year. The chemo put me into menapause too. I am 43. They are usually worse for me at night, but compared to others, I think I have a mild case of the hots. Good luck. Sandy