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I hear you all talking about follow-up care with your Oncologist and/or Surgeons. I had a 0.6cm E/P+ tumor with negative lymph and had a mastectomy in November 2002. The only follow-up I do is with my plastic surgeon due to problems with my tram flap reconstruction. I made the appointment for a follow-up mammo and called my primary med doc and told him to send in the order. My Oncologist discharged me. Should someone be following me at regular intervals or was I lucky enough to have been diagnosed so early that I don't need any follow-up. I am on Arimidex that my Oncologist initially ordered and he said my med doctor can order it in the future for the 5 years I need to be on it. ?????Beth


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    Hi that is strange that they are not following you.I had a mastecomy in jan and got done with Chemo in apirl and know my onocologist said that he will follow me every three months for the first year.I would be asking some questions if i was you.bunnie
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    I would get a hold of my doctor. You should be followed up not only by your surgeon, but your oncologist. My surgery was in Dec. I ended chemo in April. I have seen my general surgeon who did breast check as well as I have a appointment in July with my oncologist. Get follow ups girl.
  • I'll join in, what's up with this oncologist? I had mascetomy Nov. 2002 .8 cm tumor, ER.PR neg.My oncologist said he will see me every 4 months for a year, then every year for at least 5 years, then maybe lengthen that. He intends to be with me for life sounds like. Maybe you need a referral to a different oncologist? Good luck, be assertive and get your needs met!