5 times with lymphoma

j_hill Member Posts: 1
Hi Everyone,
I was wondering if anyone can help me figure all this out or has been though any similar experiences. My father has lymphoma... it started out a few years ago. Chemo and remission. Then it was back, and they did a bone marrow transplant. As he was recovering, they found it in his spine. He cannot walk and is in a wheelchair. They put a tube in the back of his head to adminster the chemo. He kept feeling worse, the doctors said they saw another spot on his spine. So they are stopping the chemo, and doing radiation.

Now they say that they don't see the spot they saw before, but something is definetly making him worse.

He is in the hospital and on morphine, which is good, because he was really in a lot of pain.

But does anyone know what to make of this? I am starting to loose hope, and I just don't want him to be in the hospital for the rest of his life.

Anything anyone can tell me? Thank you so much! Bless you all.