wrinkled implants

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Hi! A friend needs some help. The implant on her mastectomy side is wrinkled at the top. (The augmented side is fine.) The Plastic Surgeon says there is nothing he can do! Has anyone experienced this? If so, did you do anything about it? Thanks for your input.


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    I currently have expanders on both sides and mine are wrinkled on the top where the port is for adding the fluid. It's most noticable when I lift my arms up. It is like my skin is attached to the port so it keeps it from moving freely. The doctor said it was no big deal at this point since they are just expanders. When I had gone to see him before I decided what to do he showed me a picture of someone that had done the same thing as I was going to do and it had been a year later. She had both sides done also and there was a little wrinkle that looked more like it was skin on one side. He said the patient didn't care and I didn't even notice it but he pointed it out. He said it could be fixed but she didn't want to pursue it. I think he meant that the implant would have to come out and be put back in. Not sure though. He is a perfectionist so it bothered him. I would suggest she should push it further with the doctor or maybe see someone else for a second opinion if she really isn't comfortable about how it looks. My doctor said he would keep working on my breasts until I was happy. Good luck to your friend.