Grateful to have found this site.

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I found this site yesterday and I am so thankful. I read many letters and found that what I was going through was not uncommon for those of us with breast cancer. I was diagnosed in July 2001 and recieved 6 cycles of chemo and three months of radiation. I am still feeling the results of the treatment and now realize they are real and not just my imagination. Doctors tell me that the chemo has left my body and I shouldn'd be having any more complications. Ah! but I am. Thanks for sharing your experiences with me.


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    Hello! I too am very grateful for this site. The people here are compassionate and knowledgeable. It's always so nice to have people respond to your posts. It feels like someone who has "been there" is really listening. I check it out every day. I have only been with the site for a week or so and have gotten so much already. Come back often and stay a while. Luck and prayers to you. Glow
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    Hi I welcome you here. Yes this is a great place to write vent and just have a great time. The people here are great. I hope that you get some relief soon. Take care. sandy
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    Welcome! I'm sorry you're still having side effects from treatment. I'm a year out and still having some "fun" too! I think of it as the treatment that just keeps on giving! Take care - we're glad you're here. Diane
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    Welcome to the site, and see what great responses you've gotten already! You ladies have such a great attitude!
    Now me, I'm positive and all, positively sure I'd tell my doctor 'hey bud the symptoms are real'. LOL Except whenever I go in chemobrain kicks in and I FORGET everything I wanted to say! HA! Just teasing. Glad you found the place, look forward to getting to know you. God bless. hummingbyrd
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    Hi there viv,
    I am a leukemia survivor. Was diagnosed at 21 years old. I am now 29 and in remission for almost 7 years. The chemo has left my body but not some of the symptoms. I am still on disability. However, others in the leukemia ward are already back to normal. Everyone is different and heals differently. ONLY YOU know how you feel, and any Dr should not tell you how to feel. You are not imagining how you are feeling. God Bless to you.
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    I was very glad when I found this site as well. I only wish I had tried it before I made my decisions about surgery and reconstruction. But it's never too late. The people here answer your questions but always add the qualifier that you should talk to your doctor. No symptom is too little and your doctor should not tell you it doesn't exist just because he doesn't know of anyone else who has had the problem or how the chemo could cause the problem. Good Luck Beth