My Dad has Lymphamatoid

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G'day everyone, I live in Australia and my Dad (56) was diagnosed with Lymphamatoid Granulmatosis (LYG) approximately 14 months ago.

He underwent several stages of Chemotherapy in the second half of 2002 and the cancer in his lungs did respond reasonably well. Chemo was stopped in Nov 2002 to pursue a course of treatment aiming to harvest his stem cells. Two attempts have been made to harvest his stem cells, and a 3rd attempt has been made to do this through bone marrow extrusion. None have achieved the required results, with only 1/3 of the required stem cells currently in storage.

The oncology team at the hospital my father visits in his home city (Hobart, Tasmania) plan to re-start chemo treatment next week.

My father is quite positive and is remaining occupied as a way perhaps of not dealing with the fact that the convetional forms of medicine do not seem to be achieving results.

My Dad is a remarkable, compassionate man who has been unwaivering in living his life by putting 'God first, himself last and others in between'.

The effectively has meant he has burderned himself more than the average man can stand, and my Mum and I are convinced this may well be the reason why he has the condition. Even at this time he is focusing all his attention on helping others, as much as because that is the way he is but I guess also as a way of keeping his mind occupied.

Although I am thankful for the efforts of the medical staff, I am beginning to lose faith in the possibility than conventional medicine will cure him.

I am pleading with anyone who lived with or knows anything about Lymphamatoid Granulmatosis (LYG) and importantly alternative/complimentary forms of treatment. Pls e-mail me direct on [email protected]

My Mum & Dad are living 'one day at a time' but not through choice. I think it fair to say anyone living with Cancer will understand that it is not a way to live. The opportunity to set and work to future goals should not be taken for granted.

Thanks in advance and God Bless.



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    Good day Tim - Bravo for your dad - sounds like a very positive man and very fortunate to have you and your mom as a support system. I don't know about the type of cancer your dad has I had large b-cell lymphoma.. I took what they call Chop+Rytuxan, 6 treatments, 18 radiation tx, and part of my left lung removed. Hang in there - sounds like your dad needs a focus other than himself and that helps...Sorry I couldn't be of more help regarding his type of ca- but if you need someone to talk to please e-mail me at [email protected]