Rectal Bleeding

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I had a resection for an adenocarcinoma stage 1 in February 2002. Since then I have had rectal bleeding with bowel movements here and there. It really scares me as this was the major symptom of the cancer. The last time it happened the Dr thought it was due to constipation. It is very light and not often, but it scares me. Has anyone else had this happen? I go for another check-up in 3 days so I will tell the surgeon.
Thanks for the input and best wishes to all you fellow survivors.


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    Hi taunya,
    I am a leukemia survivor, not rectal ca. I can tell you that I had a scarry experience about a year ago. As I was minding my own business, trying to have a normal bowel movement, I noticed a warm feeling down my leg. I looked into the bowl and saw a lot of blood just dripping constant drip. It was bright red, and wouldnt stop! I went through two rolls of paper trying to stop the bleeding, and no luck. FInally my dad drove me to emergency. I had a colonoscopy (sp?) the next day, and they said it was a hemorroid that hemmoraged. The docs also said it was good the blood was bright red, that increased the chances it was a ruptured hemorroid or polyp and nothing more serious. But as always, keep track of your problem, and ALWAYS keep your doctor informed. Dont worry about asking too many questions. It is YOUR health here. Hope this helps.
    PS: Taunya, I know how scarry it can be to have a problem in *that* part of the body. When this happened to me, all I could think of was, "Is this it?? The grand finale? Great, the paramedics are gonna find me like this!!?? Pants down, hunched over. What a great way to have my last hoo raah!!
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    My husband has been battling colon cancer for 2 years, and unfortunately it seems bleeding "here and there" is a regular occurrence for him. Get some medicated Witch Hazel wipes fromt he drug store if the doctors determine there is nothing major going on. I think this is normal for CC patients.