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It has been a while since I have posted any questions. I'am soon going on 3 years just wanted to know since I had a double mas. with 11 lympth nodes and reconstruction with saline implants. I get a long fine with no swelling of my arm but, if I sit just right or sleep and put preasure on the back shoulder I get numbness and tight feeling in my arms and hands.I try every day to stay positive and give thanks for how lucly I'am so far but,that little voice in my head sometimes need's to be told this is all normal. I go in July for a yearly ct scan. thanks for any reply's Sharon


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    Hi Sharon, Congrats on three years!! I've got one year myself. I had a lumpectomy and I do have lymphadema. What you're feeling sounds like it might just be nerve damage. I think we all have at least a little of that. The back of my arm still has a tingly sensation much of the time.
    Lymphadema can cause that tight feeling, but if you're not experiencing swelling, it's probably just the nerves. Good luck! Diane
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    Hello Sharon. Congratulations ! 3 years!
    I do hope you have mentioned this problem to your doctor. Please don't feel alarmed but what you are having could possibly be related to chemo (if in fact you had chemo) or ...God forbid something going on in your neck. Please ask your doctor ! The very best of luck to you. I have been in stage 4 with mets to many bones and liver for 6 years.. but.....I am still GOING STRONG!!!!!
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    thank you for your reply I did have chemo and radiation and I know that alot of this is due to that. Sometimes you feel that this should all pass and it does then it crawls back into your head to nag at you. Thanks again Sharon