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My husband had surgery on Jan. 16 and underwent some of his chemo and all of his radiation. He is scheduled to have his next round of chemo tomorrow. He also had a stroke on April 1, but from all we can see he has completely recovered from this. He is scheduled to have surgery on the carotid artery when he is finished with his chemo. He is really having some extreme fatigue. It is getting worse instead of better. I was wondering if any of you have suffered this fatigue and what you are doing about it. All of his vitals are great including his red blood count. I could really use some of your expertise. Thank you.


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    How is his blood sugar? When my husband started chemo, he was very fatigued, even tho his blood counts were good. He is a Type II diabetic and when his GP supplemented his oral medication with insulin, he had his energy back within 1 hour after the first shot! Its worth checking into. Judie
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    Hi. Just read your post. Please check out the EC Cafe at "www.eccafe.org" for lots of information and links regarding EC. The EC group is especially good with over 1200 members. There are several experts who can help with your questions and concerns. Best of luck, Bruce