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I've been a colon cancer survivor for four years. I have been feeling really well, no problems etc. For the past few days I have had constipation, not feeling that great. Last night when I went to the toilet I noticed bright red blood on the toilet paper, of course that started to concern me. I'm just hoping that it's just hemerrhoids and nothing worse. Am worried about going back to the doctor. Should I be concerned.


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    I don't think you have any concerns but maybe a visit to your family doctor would ease your mind. If no family doctor set up an appt. with your onocologist. Take care. Sounds like hemeroids to me.
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    Ahoy, Melanie -

    I agree with Wildcat - probably just 'roids. Especially if you have had some recent constipation and/or been visiting the bathroom often. Be sure to check with your doc just to make certain everything is A-OK, but I'd rest easy if I were you.

    Be well

    - SpongeBob
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    read the reply I posted to Taunya's message. Maybe the same applies to you , also. Good luck and God Bless.