CT and chest xray on Monday

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Hello everyone, I am asking for prayers for my Ct scan and chest x ray on Monday. I have calcifications on my lung from Rads and they want to check and make sure that is all they are. Also my adreanal gland had a spot, forever, and they are checking that to make sure still the same. Thanks hope you all are having a great weekend. God Bless. Sandy


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    The anticipation is so awful, and everybody's thoughts and prayers will be with you for sure. When I am not awaiting tests and test results, I am very brave about the logical benefit of knowing what we are dealing with so that, no matter what, we can treat it to the best of our ability. Of course, when I am scheduled for a test or awaiting results of same, I am a total mess. We all know how that feels. Try to focus on the fact that informed is far better than uninformed. Hugs, Denise
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    Sandy, good luck on Monday. Good thoughts and prayers coming your way. Let us knowhow it goes. Shelley
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    Here's hoping for only the best news!!