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My name is Galen, I'm 53, diagnosed rcc on july 02. Removed left kidney in sept. '02, 8.5 centimeter clear cell, took surrounding tissues and found no lymph nodes. Spent two weeks hospitalized for small bowel adhesions. Surgeon said I was cancer free, have had five ct scans, one mri, and one bone scan. Cancer free May 29 '03. Seeing Robert Amato in Houston. I am still having pain and sorness, but have been gradually exercising and doing yard work. The stronger that my abs get the better that I feel. Has anyone had sleep problems and extreme anxiety?
To me the three month follow ups are the best piece of mind, but ab exercise has been my best friend. DONT TRUST ANY SURGEON THAT SAYS YOU ARE CANCER FREE.


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    Hello Galen,
    My husband was diagnosed with stage 4 rcc a year ago. He had spread to the lung and the liver. His cancer was inoperable. But the doctors did embolize the kidney. He has been through 3 different types of treatment. The first two did nothing. The one he is on now is looking very promising. He is doing a phase 2 study of the combo of two drugs. Gemzar and Xeloda. The first 2 rounds shrank the tumors 75%. He is now in the middle of two more rounds and will be scanned again in about 3 weeks. We are cautiously hopeful that he will be in remission soon. He has been desperatly ill this past year, but is doing wonderful at this time. All of his surgeons wrote him off months ago, but thank God we have a very determined oncologist. If we had listened to the surgeons, my husband wouldn't be alive today. God bless you and prayers for you to stay cancer free.
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    Hello Galen - I was diagnosed with RCC in June of 2000. Had radical nephrectomy (10 cm. Stage IV), all nodes negative. Brutal surgery/recovery, as you know. Heard the "cancer free" statement from surgeon. About 4 wks later routine x-ray showed 3 lung mets. Did low dose IL-2 and Interferon Alpha for 28 wks. After first round 2 mets gone, third shrank by 50%, after second round third was gone. Have CT scan every 3 mos. and do treatment (lower dose) every 4th month. So far, no cancer. Not sure how long to continue the every 4 mos. treatment - oncologist says there is a lower percentage of recurrence after 3 years - not much data out there.
    Hope you are doing well and if you have any info on continuing treatment, I'd be interested.
    Best wishes, Judi
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    I was diagnosed in November 1996 at the age of 43 with stage 2 renal cell carcinoma. I had a radical left nephrectomy. I oscillated through all kinds of emotions. My surgeon informed me I was cancer free after my 3 month check-up. He was right. It's been 6 1/2 years! I'm living proof one can survive renal cell carcinoma. Keep a positive attitude. It gets less stressful the more you go and have favorable check-ups. Keep the faith and best wishes for a clean check-up. L Graham