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    rian1945 said:

    bone cancer signs
    I'm new to this site, but was looking online for info about bone cancer symptoms. For the last week I've had this ache on the upper part of my left thigh... kind of like a bruise, but the pain is 'intermittant' and there is no redness, discoloration, or lump. I keep hoping it is a muscle pain... but it doesn't feel like it. It doesn't hurt when you press on it. It actually feels like the bone is aching... intermitently?? I do have an Oncologist as I've had breast cancer, so I will eventually talk to him about this.

    bone cancer symptoms

    i also was having pain and muscle aches in my left leg. had and xray done and it showed a mass on the bone. previously , fall of 2018 i had neck cancer. having a PET on Feb 28 will find out the reading on march 6th. just saying treat it as aggressively as possible. ty deeemike

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    Bone mets

    Hi really sorry to hear that it’s back. i was diagnosed bone mets in April 2017 after breast cancer in 2007. In my case a bone biopsy was done to check n they found it was the same. Im not sure if that’s the case for everyone. My pain started in Nov/ Dec 2016 and I never thought it could be the return of the cancer but a frozen shoulder. But when physiotherapy wasn’t working then I had a scan and it was back. Not sure if the doctors can even tell if it’s been there for a short time or longer.

    Just hoping you will be strong and speak to the doctors. Ask all the questions you need to and do what’s best for you. Sending good thoughts and prayers. God bless you 


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    Bone Cancer from Metastasis

    I was diagnosed with stage 3B Adenocarcinoma of the lung with metastatis to thoracic pleural space. The primary tumor was removed surgically. The metastasie could not be removed so I received chemo (cisplatin and etopocide) along with radiation. I was in remission for a year when I started losing vision in my left eye. A tumor had started in my eye and I had to have it removed (enucliation) and the biopsy showed it was a neuroendocrine tumor metastatisized from the lung cancer (stage IV). After developing severe pain in my clavical, right lower rib cage and pelvis a PET with Dotapate scan was done to reveal numerous neuroendocrine tumors throughout my skeleton. I was on hormone therapy (sandostatin) to slow the growth, but that treament was unsuccessful. 

    The important test with this recurrence is the PET w/dotapate as it revealed the tumors in the bone and confirmed that the pain was from neuroendocrine tumors. The worst part of the pain is that it is around a '5' when not probing the bone, but if you put the lightest pressure or touch on the effected area of that bone (the tumor in that bone) the pain instantly skyrockets to 10 (beyond if you ask me). 
    The single biggest issue in the search for the cancer is the test being done. Some tests don't see certain cancers or tissues. Normal pain does not act the way bone cancer does and normal pain will eventually ebb, not cancer. Keep with the tests. The oncologists only wants proof through imagining before they biopsy. 


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    I just got a CT scan of the abdomen and everything was good except a lesion was found in my lumbar vertebrae. Urologist has referred me to a back surgeon as the CT scan said “large enhancing metastatic lesion replacing portions of L3 vertebrae measuring at least 6.5x7.5x3.3 cm”.  Not sure what this means yet but urologist and PCP didn’t think it was good.