colon cancer stage 3 , vesica invasion

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i am the daughter of a wonderful mother diagnosed with cancer stage 3 . colon cancer. she had surgery in March . now she doing chemo and radiation. She has just started. I am fighting for her as she had a rough life and i don't want to let her die. We live in Romania. i am desperate. I need to learn more about this cancer and fight against it. Please tell me about the treatment, diet ...Can she ever cure? I am even afraid to ask this. Thank you so much !


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    Hi Florin I'm Ron from Australia.I was dx with stage 3 colon ca in jan 98. It had effected 6 lymph glands ,I had surgery followed by 48 sessions of 5fu and a drug called levamisol as an enhancer. After 5 yrs and 5 mos I am officially cured . There is hope just follow a healthy diet for mum plenty of fresh fruit and veg and just do what you need to do to beat the cancer .Good luck Ron.
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    Your mom is doing all the right treatments. I had the same treatments and finished one year ago today (I had stage three with 8 positive lymp nodes). I am clear. Fruits, vegetables, exercise and just being smart and she will be fine. She is lucky to have a daughter like you.
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    Finding this website and writing to survivors for advice will help you alot. If you can call 1-800-422-6237 the National Cancer Institute can send you lots of booklets about cancer and how to help yourself. One booklet is called "Eating Hints for Cancer Patients. Before, During and After Treatment". Prayer helps a lot too. Fandaj