Looking for College Scholarship

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I'm a breast cancer survivor who wants to go back to school. (I'm 40) Does anyone know of any I can apply for?


  • miraclemom
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    Hi-I to went back to school just this past year at the age of 39 and i had breast cancer with 6 months of chemo and wanted to do what ive always wanted to go back to school so i want to say Im so happy for you,it did wonders for me in my recovery.There is financil aid out there,so go to the college you wish to apply at and talk to someone there about all the different types of funds available to you.Im going free so please talk to a counsler at the college and im sure they will be able to assist you.Good luck and let me know how it goes.Takecare Lori
  • bullfrog13
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    Chris- try the college you want to attend.. apply for some GRANTS..they dont have to be repaid - or some low interest loans - the student aid folks are they to help you. Good LUCK and HURRRYAAYA for you for being brave enough to go back to school!!!