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Hi Ladies, I did some research and found out the plant is called Aloe arborescens. On the American web I found very few info but on the Italian web I found alot. It grows in Brazil but also in Africa. There are alot of testimonals saying it works and they were cured of cancer. This is were I'm not too convinced. I don't think there's a cure for cancer. I believe we go in remission. If there was a cure for cancer, well, no one would die of it anymore and we all be healed!!! Right? Anyway, I don't know how much to believe in this stuff or not. I wonder if it's like Tahitian Noni Juice. That suppose to help with cancer too. The plant of aloe is very expensive here but I feel it can't hurt me, can it? Should I try? Don't know what to do. Has anyone else heard of this? Hugs to all, Marie


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    Haven't had time to do research yet maria. I think I'd look into it a little more first, at least ask MD if he's ever heard of it. Probably fine but you don't want any drug to drug interactions, liver damage.... God bless. hummer
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    Mariateresa :) same name as me what would you do with the plant? boil it to make an infusion? or use it as a cream ? a little confused here LOL give us more info and by the way were abouts in italy are you? Io sono nata in Calabria ma abito negli Stati Uniti da 27 anni, ciao ciao a presto hugs Mariat.
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    Hey, hey Marie, I found you a great site on aloe. It's called
    Look's promising! God bless. hummingbyrd