Cathy is showing good signs & recovering well!

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Dear Members,
For those of you who know Cathy, she went into the hospital last Tuesday am to have surgery. She had a ton of scar tissue removed and the tumer is incased to cut off all bloodflow. This is going to kill her tumer, and then it can be attacked orthoscopically. We are all surprized to see how wonderfully she is doing! We can all trust the grace of God for her surprizing comeback from a surgery that took more then fourteen hrs. She even walked on her own today! She also gave me instructions on how to let you all know what has been happening. My name is David and I am a Elder from her church as well as a close friend. If you have any questions put them on this post and I will answer them. Praise God for His Mercy and His Love.


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    What wonderful news!! Thanks for letting us know and please tell Cathy we're sending good thoughts and prayers. Peace - Diane
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    Thank you so much for sharing the good news with us. PRAISE THE LORD. Tell Cathy I pray for a speedy recovery and that all is going well with my vaccine trial. Sure hope to talk with her as soon as she is able.

    God Bless,
    Kathy (in Mineral, VA)
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    David, thanks for letting us know. I will keep her in my prayers. Sandy
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    David thank you for giving us news on Cathy, now you give her our love and tell her we are thinking of her Mariat.
  • sandytrif525
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    David, thanks for letting us know. I will keep her in my prayers. Sandy
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    hi glad too hear she is doing good.Hope recovers soon and can move on with life.Bunnie
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    Well glory be to God! Sounds like cathy is a walking miracle! Nothing like the power of prayer. Tell her 'hummer' said hello and is praising God for this blessing and praying for her to have a speedy recovery. God bless you and thanks for taking the time to notify us. hummingbyrd
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    Thanks, David, for letting us know about Cathy's GREAT news! Please pass along our love and prayers to her as she recovers! Also, ask her and the church to keep me and all of us in your good prayers...Maggs
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    Hi David,

    Thank you for the GREAT news about Cathy...what an inspiration she is!

    Take care,